Tom Studying.jpg

Thomas C. Sima


J.D. and LL.M, Duke Univ. School of Law (1999)
A.B., Univ. of North Carolina (1999)


New York



Tom's Story

Tom drafts corporate documents and agreements for engineers and handles day-to-day corporate governance matters, from startup to exit. Tom makes sure you can pass diligence.

Tom has spent the last two decades representing early stage companies and entrepreneurs. Tom brings an intensely analytical mind to the esoteric world of commercial law and corporate finance. Tom is the geek's geek.

Tom started his career at a giant law firm. After growing tired of working for large, soulless companies, Tom started his own practice in 2003 with a focus on advising tech entrepreneurs.

The depth of Tom's experience, and his native curiosity to grok corporate law at an elemental level, has given Tom a unique ability to see 20 moves ahead. Tom is an indispensable ally in a friendly deal or a knife fight.

Hailing from the corn fields of Iowa, Tom speaks perfect Russian and is fluent in German, French, Italian, and Spanish (conversational in Mandarin). Ever prepared for the eventuality that he will wander into a time machine, Tom has also taught himself to read Latin, Classical Greek, Ancient Egyptian, Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and some Akkadian.