Our trial-focused practice allows clients to negotiate from a position of strength. A trial is theater with consequences. When you hire a lawyer to represent you in a lawsuit, you need to be confident that your lawyer has the talent, the experience, and the fortitude to stand up to hostile adversaries and make your best case in court. Starting from our first meeting, we are focused on how to win at trial. Developing a clear case strategy allows us to work relentlessly and efficiently to gather the evidence that we need - and to avoid wasting client money on issues that do not truly matter. As trial advocates, we relish the opportunity to take a case to trial. While many of our cases settle before trial, our skill as trial advocates means that our clients can negotiate settlement terms from a position of strength.


Our creative, solution-oriented approach helps businesses move forward.  We represent business owners in disputes with their partners or co-owners. Business litigation is fast-moving and complex. We have experience litigating all aspects of business disputes, including:

  • The rights of the company and its owners under LLC operating agreements, partnership agreements, or shareholder agreements.
  • The fiduciary duties owed by majority owners to minority owners and the company. 
  • Disputes concerning whether the controlling owner may use company funds to pay legal bills incurred in disputes with minority owners.
  • Proceedings to compel the controlling owner to disclose information about the company and its financial status.
  • Strategies for dealing with obstreperous partners seeking to force a buyout.
  • Disputes regarding misappropriation of company funds.
  • Allegations of self-dealing.
  • Efforts by the controlling owner to inflict phantom income upon minority owners.
  • Squeeze-outs of minority owners.
  • Contractual buyout provisions.
  • Appraisal of equity interests in closely held companies, including litigation regarding liquidity and control discounts and premiums.
  • Proceedings to dissolve an entity due to deadlock.
  • Tax treatment of equity redemption.


We guide you though all phases of arbitration and mediation.  Many of today's commercial transactions call for arbitration of disputes. We assist our clients with all aspects of arbitration, from compelling the adversary to comply with the arbitration agreement, selecting a qualified neutral, conducting discovery, trying the case on the merits, and enforcing the final arbitration award. We have successfully represented clients before major arbitral forums, including AAA, JAMS, FINRA, and Judicate West. We also represent clients in mediation proceedings.  As a court appointed mediator for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, John H. Snyder is adept at presenting his client's mediation position to the client's best advantage.


Our common sense day-to-day advice helps entrepreneurs focus on their business. We represent entrepreneurs in technology and finance who need a smart, resourceful, practical-minded lawyer on speed dial to assist with the personal and professional complications that come with running a successful business. We regularly host social events for our clients and close friends, where like-minded entrepreneurs can meet one another, discuss business, and find ways to help one another. 


Our investigation practice helps our clients make informed decisions. In business, major problems can appear out of nowhere.  A company may discover serious employee misconduct.  A company might be defrauded by a third party.  Whatever the specifics, it is critical for a company to make decisions based on the best possible information. We conduct and manage sensitive investigations for companies that believe misconduct may have occurred within or outside the company. We also help clients conduct background research on potential business partners and associates.

Our attorneys regularly engage top private investigation firms, forensic accountants, and computer security professionals to assist our clients in conducting thorough, discreet, and professional inquiries.