Snyder Asks Court to "Drain Swamp" With Artificial Intelligence [UPDATED with response from adversaries]

New York, NY - October 18 - Trial lawyer John H. Snyder, counsel for the former Trustees of the Healthcare Industry Trust of New York, which collapsed in 2007 as a result of corporate venality and governmental incompetence (see here), has asked Albany Supreme Court Justice Richard M. Platkin to order the Workers Compensation Board and certain "Ringleaders" of the infamous CRM insurance scam to submit their emails for analysis by Artificial Intelligence.

Previously, lawyers for the disgraced CRM Ringleaders Daniel Hickey Jr., Daniel Hickey Sr., Martin Rakoff, and Louis Viglotti argued that discovery would cost $4 million.  Snyder has responded with a plan to accomplish discovery at a cost to CRM of $140K, a 96% savings.  

Snyder's plan involves the use of Artificial Intelligence in lieu of manual review of millions of emails, which is expensive and ineffective. At Snyder's request, Yippy, Inc. has agreed to host the discovery data and provide its world-leading email search functionality for the benefit of the Court, the parties, and the taxpayers, free of charge.

Yippy's offer could save the taxpayers and small businesses of New York more than $100,000 in hosting fees alone.

Snyder has also engaged veteran white-collar prosecutor Robert Seiden, Esq. of Confidential Global Investigations to conduct a thorough search of the assets of the CRM Ringleaders to determine whether they directly or indirectly retained any fruits of the CRM fraud.

The HITNY Trustees' proposal to Justice Platkin is below.

John H. Snyder is a technology lawyer and entrepreneur based in Manhattan.  Snyder has been a senior advisor to Yippy, Inc. for several years and has an equity position in Yippy.  Snyder has used Yippy's technology in his own practice for over a year.