We focus on complex business disputes that require creative strategic thinking. Our lawyers are entrepreneurs who understand that lawsuits are just part of a bigger picture, and that legal strategy must make sense in the context of your overall business.   We take the time to know our clients personally so that we can offer advice with an eye toward the big picture.


We love to try cases, and we take pride in our trial advocacy.  While many cases ultimately settle before trial, our clients know that if trial is necessary, they have powerful advocates in their corner. Because we are prepared to go to trial, our clients negotiate from a position of strength.


We handle large, multifaceted disputes that often require boots on the ground in remote locations. Working closely with our clients, we build and lead a "dream team" by drawing upon our worldwide network of trusted attorneys, investigators and forensics experts. By being nimble, creative, and collaborative, we handle big firm cases without the big firm overhead.